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To Apply, please go to our Vacancies page and click Apply Now under the property you are interested in.

What You Need to Apply

Thank you for your interest in our property!

Please read and complete all information sections provided. If you have questions, contact us immediately.

You will be contacted by the leasing office on the status of your application.

The following documentation will need to be provided as part of your application:

  • Proof of Income: either 2 years tax returns or your last two paystubs
  • Copy of your 2 most recent bank statements
  • Copy of your photo ID

Applications will not be reviewed until all documentation has been submitted.

Tenant Requirements & Qualifications

  • 3 times the rent minimum
  • No evictions or felonies
  • Positive landlord references
  • Credit score of 620 minimum
  • Guarantors may be allowed if above qualifiecations aren’t met
  • No section 8

We don’t hold residences. Leases must start no longer than 2 weeks from your application approval date unless premises are currently occupied. Leases are for 1 year minimum.

Lease signings are done electronically online and payments are processed online either with a credit card (with a small fee) or direct debit from your bank account.

We typically look for 3 times the rent in income. For example, a $1,000/month residence will require $3,000/month or $36,000/year income. Lower income or credit issues may require additional security deposits or a Guarantor in order to be approved.

A Guarantor needs to show income of a minimum of at least 6 times the rent in income.

We check credit, criminal, and evictions. We are unable to accept applications with an eviction history or a felony.

Signing the Lease

Once approved you will need to be prepared to sign leases within 24 hours. At lease signing, you will need to be prepared to pay first month’s rent (your 2nd month’s rent is prorated), security deposit and pet deposit (if applicable) and cleaning fees as indicated.

Please look under the Tenants section on our site for move-in process details.

Thank you!