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Many of our properties get rented through word-of-mouth from existing tenants and never end up online. If you would like to be on a waitlist for one of our properties, please submit your details below and tell us as much as possible about yourself and what you are looking for:

1) Your desired date and length of occupancy (We do not do leases less than one year).
2) The neighborhood(s) you would like to live in. If you are interested in a specific address please tell us.
3) The size of the home you are interested in (e.g. studio, one bedroom, two bedroom).
4) Your rental budget.
5) Your monthly income and credit score (if you know it).
6) Any other occupants that will be residing with you.
6) Anything else that you’d like us to know! Pets? Prefer a ground floor apartment? Need a backyard?

We will add your details into our database and contact you as soon as we are notified of a future vacancy from one of our tenants.

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